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The City of Sunrise is pleased to announce a new program that will make garbage collection easier, more efficient, and cleaner – and will enhance the appearance of our neighborhoods.

Beginning January 1, 2017, Republic Services will provide automated garbage collection for those residential customers that currently receive curbside collection service. To facilitate this service enhancement, 95-gallon roll carts will be delivered to homes free of charge in December. Each 95-gallon cart has the capacity to hold up to eight 13-gallon kitchen bags and can be easily maneuvered from the resident’s home to the curb on collection days. Garbage will continue to be picked up twice per week.

Also beginning January 1, residential bulk trash will be collected once each week instead of once each month. For customers with curbside bulk trash collection, items will be removed on the same day as your first weekly garbage collection. Communities with designated bulk trash areas may have a different schedule.


What is an automated collection program?
An automated collection program utilizes specialized side loading trucks with a robotic arm that reaches out from the truck, grasps the cart, and then lifts and empties the contents into the truck.

When do I begin using my cart?
The City’s automated solid waste collection program begins January 1, 2017. Carts will be delivered to each home in December; however, please refrain from using the carts until January because special trucks are required to lift them and empty the contents.

How do I place my cart out for collection?
Carts should be placed three (3) feet from any other carts or structures with the lid closed. Place carts with the arrows on the lid facing the street and the handle facing the home.

Will my collection day change?
Collection with automated equipment is more efficient and it is possible that some routes may change. Information regarding any route changes will be sent to residents well in advance of the January start date.

Does my garbage have to be placed in the container?
The 95-gallon cart is designed to meet the needs of most residents. All garbage must be placed inside your cart with the lid closed completely. Carts cannot be emptied if items are left on top of the lid. If you have excess garbage, please save the items for the next collection day. Palm fronds, tree branches, and items that exceed six (6) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter are considered bulky waste and can be picked up during our new weekly bulk trash collection, which also begins in January 2017.

What if I need additional carts?
One 95-gallon cart will be provided per household. If residents find that one cart plus the weekly bulk trash pickup is not sufficient, a second cart can be purchased at a one-time cost of $50.00. Residents may contact City staff at (954) 577-1135 for more information or to purchase another cart.

Can I put garbage and recyclables in one cart?
No, residents must continue to use the blue recycling cart for weekly recycling pickup. The 95-gallon garbage cart is to be used for garbage only.

Can I place landscaping debris in my cart?
Yes. Branches, limbs, grass clippings and other vegetative items can be placed inside your garbage cart or they can be picked up during weekly bulk trash collection.

What items MAY NOT be placed inside the garbage cart?
Oil, paints, pesticides, automobile parts, batteries, tires, medical waste, deceased animals, and other hazardous materials are prohibited. For a list of options available for household hazardous waste disposal, please visit for more information.

What should I do if my scheduled collection is missed?
Please contact Republic Services at (954) 583-1830 to report missed collections.

Am I responsible for the cart?
Yes, residents are responsible for maintaining the cart(s) in good condition. Republic Services will repair or replace carts damaged during the collection process or as a result of normal wear and tear.

For more information, please contact the City of Sunrise: (954) 577-1135.

Last updated: 3/15/2017 8:17:35 PM